Introducing a healthcare model built just for you

Healthcare has a gender bias. We’re here to change it. Hazel is reimagining healthcare, with females front and centre. It’s a new standard of care, and it all starts with you.

How it works
your journey to feeling  good

Join Hazel. Connect with experts.

To put you first, we make the time to get to understand your unique health journey. After creating your profile, our onboarding asks questions about your health goals, general lifestyle, medical history, and any symptoms that you need help with. Once completed you can jump onto the Hazel patient portal to book a virtual consultation with a care provider of your choice.

Image of someone holding a phone, which is displaying Hazel platform interface with a tailored cared plan

Receive a comprehensive care plan.

We provide care for the whole you. Our care plans combine the best of evidence-based natural and conventional medicine with lifestyle modifications, nutrition advice and mental health support. We also provide referrals to in-person services when and where you need them. All tailored to you.


Treatments delivered to your door.

Who wants to wait in line at the pharmacy? Not us. After your consultation, if you’re prescribed medications or supplements, you’ll be able to order directly from your portal and have them express posted to your door. Simple, Australia-wide prescription delivery? Yes please.

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Ongoing support from your care team & community.

Feeling better means your care doesn’t stop at the first consult. Receive the ongoing care you deserve before and after your consultation, from our doctors, our team of care coordinators and nurses, and our Hazel community — a supportive place for Hazel members to connect, learn, and change the status quo of female healthcare.

Healthcare for the female body
that just makes sense

Join Hazel

how we're different

This isn’t your typical doctor’s visit

Typical care

Different locations for different providers

All your healthcare needs in the one place

Different health records and conflicting care plans

A single, unified health record and comprehensive care plan

Care providers working in silo with no communication or shared notes

Care providers working as a team to achieve the best patient outcomes

Generalists who may misunderstand, misdiagnose or dismiss your symptoms

Specialty care with vetted experts in female pain

“One-size-fits-all” care

Comprehensive diagnosis and treatment tailored to your unique needs

In-person appointments, long waits and commutes

Convenient, all-in-one online platform

Natural & Conventional Medicine.

All in one place.

Hazel takes a truly integrative approach to care. We’re bridging the gap between conventional medicines and science-backed, natural treatments like medicinal cannabis and combining this with the best of lifestyle, nutrition and mental health support - because we understand that you (and your health) are not one dimensional.

We don’t promise one magic pill or a one-size-fits-all solution. Instead, we provide transparent information about the benefits and risks of all available treatment options so you can make the decision that is best for you and your body.

a desktop displaying a video consult with a Hazel Practitioner