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Healthcare that listens

Say it with us, enough is enough. We're done with being brushed off and told our pain is all in our heads or just some "woman thing." Hazel brings you a care model that actually listens. Because let's face it, you know your body better than anyone else and listening is key to getting accurate diagnoses, effective treatments, and building trust. Our Care Providers have got your back and make decisions with you, not for you.

A truly personalised approach

We’re not just a clinic, we’re a partner in your health. That’s why our integrative approach provides unbiased, expert medical advice so you make the right decisions for your health goals. We provide access to conventional medicine, evidence-based natural treatments, lifestyle and wellness coaching, mental health support and everything in between.

Clinical expertise for exceptional care

We know our stuff — seriously. We’re built on a foundation of clinical knowledge and expertise, guided by a panel of medical experts who specialise in female pain and gynaecological conditions. We’re creating the healthcare we want to see in this world and are committed to conducting ongoing research that prioritises the highest standards of care and best practices for people assigned female at birth.

A whole team of experts, in your corner

We’re building a team of Care Providers from diverse backgrounds and areas of expertise who share our mission of closing the gender pain gap. Our team of experts work collaboratively to treat the physical, psychological, and emotional effects of pain and provide you with care that is completely comprehensive.

We see the whole you

You’re so much more than another number at the doctor’s office. Hazel  respects and acknowledges the whole you, including your age, biological sex, gender identity, race, ethnicity, religion, ability, and sexual orientation. There are so many parts that make you uniquely ‘you’. We’re providing a safe space for you to come as you are and finally receive the comprehensive care you’ve been searching for.

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Join us on our mission to close the gender pain gap.

We’re always looking for healthcare professionals who share our vision of a world where the female body is understood, appreciated and cared for just as well as our male counterparts.

Sexologist / Sex Counsellor

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