For many women and people who menstruate, Menopause is a fact of life.
But just because no experience is the same doesn’t mean you have to suffer in silence.
We’re here to help.

Around 80% of Australian women will experience menopausal symptoms throughout their lifetime, with some women experiencing symptoms for 5 – 10 years.

What’s the difference between menopause and perimenopause?

While menopause can often feel like an isolating and emotional experience, it’s important to understand that you’re not alone.

What are the signs of Perimenopause or Menopause?

Like so many of the hormonal conditions we’re helping to address, symptoms will vary from person to person. Here are some of the most common.

Hot flushes
Irregular menstrual patterns
Weight gain
Vaginal dryness
Mood changes

How do I know if I’m menopausal?

Menopause symptoms vary significantly from woman to woman and impact each individual differently.

Enter uncertainty and confusion.

While there isn’t any one specific test that can identify if you’re experiencing menopause, our team of doctors can help clear the confusion.

How Hazel helps

Get comprehensive care for pain down there

Experts in Menopause

Doctors who have the knowledge to go beyond the surface to really understand you, your symptoms and how to help.

Comprehensive care plans

We’re combining the best of lifestyle, nutrition and medical expertise that merge to create comprehensive care plans tailored to you. No conventional, cookie-cutter solutions here.

Healthcare that listens

You know your body better than anyone and listening is key to accurate diagnoses, effective treatment and building trust. Our care providers have got your back and make decisions with you, not for you.

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